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Your Muse at the Museum—and More

You might have heard my voice while taking an audio tour at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, SFMOMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, or the Norman Rockwell Museum. Voiceover for museum tours is a distinct speciality of mine. I also do voiceover for commercials, promos, audiobooks, animation, and more. Give my demos a listen.


Confident, professional, educated, inspiring, trustworthy.


Energetic, real, conversational, relatable, sarcastic.


Quirky, versatile, animated, fun, committed.

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About Aimee

Raised by storytellers, and reared on talk radio, I grew up fascinated by the voice. Wanting to be a DJ, but driven to become a chef and sommelier, voice skills took a back seat to knife skills and blind tastings. As a dedicated foodie, I moved to San Francisco – making me Minnesota grown, but California seasoned. Serendipitously, I eventually listened to the advice of insistent strangers, and pursued a career in voice over.

On the surface, my youthful voice is unique and fun. But layers of mindfulness, melody and precision reveal a mature confidence. From Toyotas to training videos, I’m always honored to provide a voice that you and your clients can connect to.


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